At Vibrant Hearing, we have a friendly team who can ensure you get the treatment you require to improve your hearing.

By having a hearing test, we can find out the cause of your hearing loss. If we discover the problem is caused by the degradation or damage of the small hair-like cells in your ear, it can be determined that you have sensorineural hearing loss. This is something that can’t be reversed, but the effects can be dealt with by wearing a hearing aid.

It may also be discovered that you have a simple case of conductive hearing loss, caused by a blockage stopping sound from travelling through the inner ear. In many cases, the blockage is a plug of excess ear wax that can be removed by us via either microsuction or ear irrigation.

If we discover you need a hearing aid, we can advise you on which instrument is right for you. There are different styles of hearing aid that are all suitable for different types of hearing loss. In order to choose the perfect hearing aid for you, we will conduct a lifestyle assessment to help us decide which one can comfortably fit into your day-to-day life. You’ll also be shown how to use the aid properly, and will be provided with aftercare and support.

For those suffering with Tinnitus, a hearing test is also important to help determine whether the condition is being caused due to hearing loss, or any other factors.

If you have any symptoms of hearing loss and are worried about your ears, ensure you book an appointment now to make sure you get the appropriate care and treatment.

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